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Roger Baker
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Burke VA Theologian & father Married 2 Colonel Sue Baker
Living the good life at last, settled down, head on straight (more or less.) Other than the fact I'm on crutches or a wheelchair these days (multiple sclerosis) I look and sound pretty much the same.
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Joseph Barrus
San Diego CA Enterprise Architect Divorced 1 divorced
I'm a single dad to a 5 year old girl.  I'm the enterprise architect for an online for profit university.  I'm very active in the triathlon lifestyle.  I spend much of my free time training and participating in triathlons.  I completed my first Ironman just last year and going for number 2 this year.  I am co-founder of a triathlon media website at  I'm also a poker player and love to snowboard and do genealogy as hobbies. 
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Robert (Bob) Barrus
Houston TX Teacher Married Vladia
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Brett Baudean
Broomfield CO sales Single Again 4
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Chris Beggins
Houston TX Energy Married 4 Sheri
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Rick Benner
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Katy TX Pool Builder Married 4 Laura
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Jennifer Weisend (Bernard)
Katy TX High school teacher Married 3 David
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Robin Welton (Berry)
Katy TX Case Administrator Mediation/Arbitration Married 2 Billy
My high school senior sure did enjoy all the photos!  Now she realizes that I REALLY do know what she and her friends are up to!! Send Robin a MessageSend Robin a Message
Stacey Block
Houston TX Dentist Married 2 Jeff Goldman
Hey everyone!  The reunion was a blast!  For those of you who skipped it, ESPECIALLY if you live in Houston and just didn't come, you missed an amazing event. 

I'm living in Nottingham Forest with my husband Jeff (who Tatiana Frierson fixed me up with on a blind date back in 1985...long story) and our two daughters (10 and 7).  I practice family dentistry very close to home and also enjoy volunteering at Nottingham Elem. where my kids go to school.  The world is a huge wonderful place, but I love living where I grew up!
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Robert Bocox
Katy TX sales Divorced 1 None
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