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Mandy Fields (Vine)
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Prospect KY Mom/Retail Jeweler Married 3 Andrew
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Chris Flora (Nuss)
Houston TX Marketing Coordinator for Dawson Financial Services Single Again 1 no comment
I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 14 years...actively volunteering at both the school and district levels and loving every minute of it.  But now, it's time to earn a paycheck again! Send Chris a MessageSend Chris a Message
Lynn Forthaus (Kuester)
Milwaukee WI Advertising Married Kevin
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Debbie Franklin (Green)
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Houston TX Mom Married 4 Mark
My kids are Connor (almost 16) and a junior at Stratford.  Logan is 13 and she's an 8th grader at Spring Forest.  Griffin will soon be 10 and he will be a 5th grader at Meadow Wood (which will be torn down at the end of the summer.  Temporary Meadow Wood campus is going to be t-shacks in Westchester High School parking lot).  Hudson, my little bonus baby, will be 5 in September and will be in pre-k at Christ Memorial Lutheran.  

2020 UPDATE - Connor graduated from TCU and lives in Austin.  Logan graduated from UT and is working towards her Masters.  Griffin is a Sophmore at Ole Miss and Hudson is in 8th grade at Spring Forest.  Just today, Hudson and other 8th graders visited Stratford to check things out.  Not much has changed for me since our 30th reunion.  I still volunteer a lot with the schools and I still love harassing people like Milt Howard! 
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Tatiana Frierson
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Dallas TX CEO, Inspirus | Sodexo Benefits & Rewards USA Divorced
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Laura Gattis (Wright)
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The Woodlands TX Wife/Mom/Event Planner/Women's Ministry Married 3 Frank
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Ginger Gearner (Jarnagin)
Houston TX semi-retired Divorced 1 none
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Angela George (Rae)
Hanford CA Sgt. with Sheriff Dept - SRU team Married 1 Stacey Rae
If anyone could locate one of our SR year books for me I would so much appreciate it!!!! Maybe a family member was a lower classman and would be willing to sell it. I never got one. Had to leave early for College. Send Angela a MessageSend Angela a Message
Gabrielle Giovannini (Tekell)
Houston TX Treasurer - Spark Energy Married 2 Victor
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Jim Gonders
Tulsa OK Independent Oil Producer Married 3 Kristin
Didn't get to attend the 10 or 20 yr so this is my first time back.  Life's been so busy, can't figure where all the time has gone.  Looking forward to the reunion. Send Jim a MessageSend Jim a Message
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